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Asscher Cut Ruby Ring Solitaire Gemstone

Asscher Cut Ruby Ring Solitaire Gemstone

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Argentium Sterling Solitaire Ring, Stacking Ring or Engagement Ring


7mm Asscher Cut Natural Fissure Filled Ruby. Shown with two hammered silver wrpa bands, this listing is for the gemstone ring alone. Blood red to pink with slight natural inclusions. 9 on Mohs Hardness Scale. Most commercial rubies being sold today are fissure filled. This process fills any natural imperfections with a glass and ruby composite making the stone considerably more affordable. Heat treated with low heat to improve color. Sterling Silver Setting that is eco friendly recycled silver as well as tarnish resistant. Diagonal set Asscher Cut full bezel has been hand carved and cast in fluid sterling silver This setting was hand carved in wax, cast in metal, and hand polished, prepped, soldered and set in our workshop in Keene, NH. From concept to completion all settings are handcrafted and never utilize prefabricated components bought from jewelry supply catalogs.

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