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Madelynn Cassin Designs

Solitaire Smoky Quartz Ring

Solitaire Smoky Quartz Ring

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A Solitaire Gemstone Ring Made in Recycled Silver Jewelry, Low Carbon Footprint Jewelry


Why recycled metals? Because by recycling our jewelry, there is less mining, and fewer disruptions to the species and people living in the areas of mines. I use recycled metals and packaging so that we can both feel good about shopping online! Smooth and rich brown with a large presence, this r smoky quartz is a natural stone that measures 10 x 12 mm, and is bezel set in my handcrafted setting. The band is approximately 2 3/4 mm wide and 7mm tall. It's super comfy to wear, and the profile is as low as can be for the depth of the stone. Because it's bezel set you don't have to work about scratching yourself and others, or catching in your hair the way prongs can. It also doesn't get hung up in your jeans pockets. The bezel protects the stone beautifully :) This ring is offered in tarnish free Argentium silver, which is 925 sterling silver alloyed with other metals to reduce the instance of tarnish over time. brushed Finish

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What makes my jewelry special

Madelynn Cassin Designs has been selling on ETSY since 2008 under the shop name Onegarnetgirl. This small, independently owned business grew from a love of gemstones and a passion for making. Madelynn's designs are inspired by large, naturally occurring colored gemstones and the way they sparkle in the sun. These mini works of art start from a block of wax that she then carefully carves into the bold yet delicate and feminine creations that bare her name. This labor of love has grown from a small workspace on a three-season porch to a bustling workshop in an old mill building, where Madelynn continues to handmake objects that help people feel beautiful, loved and express their personalities.

Sustainability is super important, as the effects of mining for precious materials can devastate communities unnecessarily. Because of this, we use only alloys that are 100% recycled, ethically sourced gemstones, and utilize compostable, plant based packaging.

Why is a Madelynn Cassin Piece so Special?

Each setting is hand carved in wax, cast in metal, and hand polished, prepped, soldered and set in our workshop in Keene, NH. From concept to completion all settings are handcrafted and never utilize purchased mass-produced components. If you treasure jewelry that is made by hand, in a careful, thoughtful manner, you have come to the right place.