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Madelynn Cassin Designs

Iolite Silver Gemstone Ring

Iolite Silver Gemstone Ring

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Water Sapphire in Recycled 925 Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver


Faceted Indigo Iolite I set into into my handcrafted Sterling Silver ring. The piece features a full bezel setting made of eco friendly recycled Silver and a gorgeous blue 9mm "Water Sapphire" as Iolite is also known. The setting is approximately 6mm off of the finger in profile and the band width is 2.75 to 3mm with a slight taper towards the gemstone. Each piece is handcrafted and polished to a high shine at Onegarnetgirl HQ in New Hampshire. Iolite is said to help with relationships, clarify the mind and thinking process, assists in detoxification, helps when dealing ith addiction, and helps to keep one focued on staying "here now" in the moment. This is just a few fo Iolite's metal physical properties. Aside from these propeties, iolite is the most lovely periwinkle to indigo blue, and exhibits pleochroism properties. The property is caused by an optical phenomenon by which the grains of a stone appear to have different colors when observed at different angles. This piece is made to order in your size at the time of your order. More Onegarnetgirl gemstone Rings:

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